Ennealogy: The Path to Syncretism

Syncretism; its the art of searching for the fiber the unifies all things. In its discovery, we hope to find the purpose of everything and how we came about. While we may be far off from itemizing everything in a language, we exist in an organism that doesn’t need to. It is a map.

The Path back to Self if actually traced in the stars. For every human there is not only light there is also an orbit. Ennealogy gives you the metrics that allow you to chart your course in order to reach your peak potential by strengthening your intellect, physicality, and metaphysical stability.

Where did we get this wisdom?

Simply put, from Us. Over a decade ago we thought it would be uniquely valuable to document our collective spiritual progression. After thousands of engagements that involve answers, synchronicities, and metamorphosis we found a pattern that spans into 9 Archetypes. We call it Ennealogy.

If you could imagine the precision of Astronomy, the systematics of Human Design, and the antiquity of the Laws of Change blended with a neural network with a dataset of thousands of spiritual events accounted by real truth Seekers you have this design now in view.

The 9 Archetypical Manifestations In Ennealogy

Where do I find it?

We intend to make full spectrum custom expansion available in every language for every resonate Being ready to journey on the Path back to Self. Ennealogy is an integration found within the Mindful App that allows consistent progress and accountability of one’s own spiritual journey over a lifetime. You will not only progress through your own Path, after completion if desired you will begin the ultimate journey of learning all archetypes and their form of communication to bring upon total Self-mastery.

Can I use it now?

Currently, an Alpha version of Ennealogy training is running as a part of Sovereignty Mentorship which you can join now. We plan to scale Ennealogy rapidly with the addition of the Soul Coach Mentorship program.

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