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Metaphysical maxims for children

A sacred cosmic upgrade is near -
it starts with transforming the
Youth and pioneering new opportunities

Imagine thousands of children and parents connecting across the world engaging in wholeness through technology that unifies them across the plane.

Our children
and our

Upgrade our children's future existence

New Paradigm Forming Wisdom

Mindfulness serves as the counter balance to a growing technological society that has become the culture of our youth.  With earth’s population projected to reach  12 – 13 billion by the 22nd century we are moved to formulate a metaphysical curriculum for children featuring the paradigm shifting truths that awoke all of us.

International Youth Initiatives

Innovating the life of kids with ancient knowledge made simple and applicable while simultaneously empowering them with the means to procure the resources to change their environment produces a real solution. Mindful Kids takes the same power embedded in the Mindful App ecosystem and repurposes it for child connection, communication, and international interaction

Generational Wealth Management

Incentives and awards are just the beginning, Mindful Kids seeks to assist children in not only innerstanding the importance and value of currency but also how to utilize and invest it. Our gamified ecosystem allows children to engage in ventures that reward great decision making while simultaneously removing points where bad decisions have been made. 

Tribe Love

Its 2019 and raising a child as best as possible in this age can be very challenging. Single parents and married couples alike all struggle with the schooling and social environment that has been created around our children which is often toxic.

Mindful Kids unites parents by providing the applications  that allow them to connect with like-minded forums that provide techniques and workshops for children and their parents. 

Youth Mentoring Youth

An entirely new approach to child education and growth is with us. The effect of mature children within the age range of those expected to learn from them shows remarkable success. Children find it easier to accept, learn, and mimic mentors that are more identifiable to them than adults. 

Mindful Kids plans to equip and empower a collective group of super children who already have the indigo power of direction and leadership.

Honoring Our Responsibility

As the conscious community at large continues to design more tools, resources, and courses for adults its clear an epidemic of esoteric education for our children looms. This means they will repeat the same process of their parents often wasting vital time in the ascension and expansion process unless someone takes charge and organizes the resources that match the age we are in. That is the charter of Mindful Kids bringing wholeness.

Why worry about our children's tomorrow when we can do something today?

Assist us in cultivation. Our most valuable seeds