The Divine End of Unconscious Technology

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Our/your story

Unity is our Power

With over a decade of full spectrum metaphysical awareness, we are informed that we have a unique choice to make about where we actually stand when the cause of unity needs us.

Collectively the conscious community has an astronomical value, $3.72 Trillion to be exact,  yet we see less than 5% being allocated towards a future that unites and empowers us.

I implore you to support the Co-Creations and honorings presented here and see them as quantum solutions developed and powered by the Higher Collective Self to benefit every resonate Being. Wholeness

All is Self

Our Creations

A Decade of Mindfulness
the manifestation
We designed a completely mindful ecosystem now we need your help to scale it.

10 years on the frontline of consciousness allows us to design conscious tools based on experience. 

Conscious social network and spiritual ecosystem with an emphasis on interaction and accountability.
Metaphysical neural network, automation, and 10 years of conscious datasets.
Deep Path metrics allow us to actionize your journey to discovery of all through Self exploration.
Indigo support, generational wealth gamification, conscious edutainment, and  international interaction.

Support Stage I

Here is in a lifetime opportunity for us all to be aligned with a co-creation that will generate infinite balance for worlds to come. Contribute to the completion of this phase and we can bring the ecosystem online.


A Future for Conscious Children

Developing a conscious curriculum, K-12, may seem to be an impossible feat, but it’s really about designing the key fundamentals that woke us up for children so they stay awake. When we build this, and we will, we have considered our future which is our DNA.

Conscious network

Relevancy, Seeker Location, and Tribe Love are just a few integrations that ensure you're vibing in synchronistic connections.


Frequency repositories, actionable cleansing goals, and around the clock meditations en-masse.


Affiliation, Ohms, and endless rewards are redeemable in our ecosystem of over 100+ holistic treasures.


Every mindful act is met with the love, honor, and respect it deserves. We go a step further by adding incentives and rewards for these deeds.

Enlightened Ecosystem

Our design ensures all funds accrued collectively
strengthen the power of our Tribe

Incentivized Contribution

With so many mindful rewards, we are sure to give you something priceless for your generosity

Support and Participate

It's not another useless piece of plastic, it's a metaphysical boost that empowers all of us

Technologies for a Mindful Future

Our charge is to repurpose advance technologies for the use of the metaphysical growth of our Tribe. Funding this project internally safeguards our members and the future of our faction. It also empowers our growth and that of millions in the conscious community. It ensures more Seekers across the world can access metaphysical content that has been curated for accuracy with integrity from our hearts.

We’re not just copying social network tools, we’re pioneering a new way of mindful interaction.

Mindful caption search allows you to search through all content based on keywords. Image the possibilites and time saved in gaining wisdom!

Conscious Social Network



It’s all about gaining wisdom, connection, support, and flowing from there.


Live Commune

Live connection touch points all around the app so synchronistic builds are in abundance.


Caption Search

Search all conscious video content via keywords in the captions.


Timed Interaction

Only have 10 minutes? Select your time window and we populate content based on your interests.


Seeker Location

Want to know or looking to meet up with like conscious minds in your area? Seeker geolocation is on board.



Live audio and video messaging popular with apps like WhatsApp are native inside the Mindful App.


Seeker Search

A global experience means a connection with soul family from all around the world. Connect your next point of metaphysical expansion.

conscious neural network



Thousands of metaphysical questions answered in a second across multiple languages. Quantum solutions start here.


All communication points are live 25/8 allowing our Bot to handshake with live Soul Coaches across our ecosystem.

Mobile Wealth Ecosystem

Ohms and Joules can never be purchased, they can only be earned, and that makes a watertight ecosystem that operates in full compliance with our protocols.



We don’t just tell you what you need, we give you the ability to acquire it.



We honor every point of your interaction by placing platform-wide rewards for actionables.



We’re already in a unique field so we create conscious opportunities for our professionals.



It’s a simple principle: we share energy amongst each other, develop a unique asset, and list it.



Store your protocols or redeem them throughout the ecosystem with over 100+ elements.

You can do easy on your own, together we build greatness.

All we know is how to give. multiply the compassion.